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How to Sell Services on Fiverr Using Cold Emails and Get Orders

Having trouble earning orders on Fiverr or other freelance marketplaces? Do you wish to offer services on your digital agency’s behalf? You may also provide cold emailing as a service. This article will teach you how to market your skills using cold emails and obtain orders on Fiverr or other freelancing sites.

In addition, you’ll get answers to queries like :

  1. What exactly are cold emails?
  2. How do you get email addresses and establish an email list?
  3. Sending mass emails to market a service
  4. How do you do A/B split testing to improve the ROI of your email marketing?

You’ll also benefit from cold email templates to get started on your outreach straight immediately. Even if you don’t offer your services, cold emails may be used to attract traffic to your affiliate links. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Let’s get this party started right now.

What Are Cold Emails?

Cold emails are those that you send to customers or clients who have never worked with you before. Marketers employ them in order to market a product or service to another company or client.

Cold email campaigns, unlike cold calls, may be totally automated and performed on a far bigger scale. It’s a great approach to market your freelancing services online.

An email campaign simulates the work of a junior sales representative, who contacts prospects and follows up if they do not answer.

In this video, I go through the notion of cold email marketing in great depth.

Sell Services Via Cold Emails

Cold emailing is an excellent way to advertise your Fiverr engagements and offer your skills. Even if you’re a member of another freelancing network, such as Upwork or People Per Hour, you can do so. Gather email addresses, verify them, and then send out mass emails using conversion templates.

1. Collect Email Addresses 

The first and most critical stage in starting an email campaign is collecting email addresses. There are two primary methods, which are:

1. Email harvesting

2. Content Promotion

Let’s go through them one by one now.

Extract Emails  from YouTube.

Search for the required YouTube channels, go to their about section, and select “View Email Address.” You’ve got it now. For example, if you go to the about part of my YouTube channel, you can hover over to the ‘Details’ section to find my email address.

Use Google to Scrape Email Addresses

Go to Google and search for emails related to SEO if you sell ‘SEO’ services. But how do you go about it? In the search field, type “SEO” followed by “” or “” Google will now display the results that include emails.

In the search options, ensure that your search results are set to 100. You won’t have to continuously click the following pages if you use this strategy.

Copy all of the Google results pages and put them into my free email extraction tool here. After a few moments, the retrieved emails will appear on the right side of the page.

For Google Chrome users, can search for email extraction extensions in the Chrome Web Store.

Look for Email Addresses on Websites

It’s also a good idea to look for websites linked to your services and collect their email addresses. All you have to do is go to a website and go through its contact page. The most convenient method is to utilize an email lookup service, such as Hunter.

However, it is a paid tool. If money is an issue, you can use services such as Clearbit Connect, RocketReach, and others.

Make use of Content Marketing

Content marketing tactics may be used to obtain email addresses. Use lead magnets to collect email addresses. What exactly is a lead magnet? Lead magnets are offered as incentives by marketers in return for purchasers’ email addresses or other contact information.

Lead magnets are often downloaded content. They might be in the form of an ebook, a whitepaper, or even a video. This is how leads are generated. If you want to understand more about prospecting and lead creation, watch my video:

Remember that your ultimate objective is to market your services afterwards. So, concentrate on attracting the correct audience. It should be pertinent. Otherwise, you’ll wind up having email addresses that aren’t useful to you. I hope it’s clear.

2. Verify Your Email Addresses

You must have amassed a large number of email addresses at this point, keep trying If that is not the case. By the way, you don’t need a lot of emails to land a few high-paying clients.

On Fiverr or other marketplaces, you may obtain orders with many fewer email addresses than you might think.

That’s why I’m always purging my email list. I remove any addresses that are no longer in use. This is the key to my higher open rates and CTR. First and foremost, you should validate all of the email addresses you’ve gathered.

To do so, go to H-Supertools’ free email address validator and sign up. You may use the tool to validate email addresses with up to 98 percent accuracy.

3. Utilize Bulk Email sending to Sell Freelance Services

Using the email address you’ve obtained, place purchases on Fiverr or any other site. If you don’t have a freelancing marketplace, you can sell your skills via cold emails. You’ll need to send out a lot of emails to do this. This is how you do it:

Go to Gmass and create an account. GMass chrome extension may be found and installed by searching for it. If you use Gmail to send emails, go to it now. Paste all of your email addresses into the ‘To’ field. GMass may also be used to test your email addresses.

I propose that you use a personalized email address on your domain to seem professional. You may also use your system to send mass emails if you like.

Check out this video where I discuss a free mass email sender: To learn more about email marketing, check out this course I prepared on my YouTube channel:

4. Cold Email Templates for Freelancers

Split testing might benefit from cold email templates to offer your services or promote your Fiverr gigs. Take a look at this template I’ve put together for you:

I wanted to contact out and let you know that I’ve been enjoying the [Their Business] that’s been flowing out of your hands. On Twitter, I recently shared your most current [article, project, design, etc.] with my followers.

Another reason I’m contacting you is that partnering with businesses like yours is a big component of my company. E-guider can assist you in scaling your [primary service offering]. Would you be interested in having a brief conversation about [your service here] or connecting me with someone else on your team?

Isn’t it fantastic? Please visit my [portfolio] to learn more about my prior work and the process.

Of course, you may modify the email template to suit your needs. Take a peek at some additional chilly emails templates below. 

Here are a few examples of writing email templates for prospecting:

  1. Be unique. Don’t give out incorrect information about anything.
  2. Share your location, phone number, and other information.
  3. Do not use deceptive email subject lines.
  4. Make it clear to recipients how to opt out.

The nice part about email templates is that you can split test them to determine which ones work best. All you need to do is send two distinct emails to two different groups of people. And see which of your emails converts the best.

After gathering the emails of potential prospects, ensure that your emails reach their inboxes.

Summary: How to Use Cold Emails to Sell Your Services

Email marketing has a tremendous return on investment! Whether you’re offering freelancing services or generating leads for your company or clients, go for it.

Check out this video to learn how to market your skills and obtain orders on Fiverr or other similar platforms:

Yes, cold emailing aids in the promotion of your Fiverr gigs or the sale of an independent freelancing service. Do you find the lesson useful for obtaining email addresses and reaching out to them? Please let me know in the comments section below. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

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