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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For beginners: Start With These 4 Steps

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For beginners: Start With These 4 Steps

Do you want to make money with affiliate marketing online? You’re in luck since this is the only affiliate marketing instruction you’ll ever need. To get you started, let me inform you that the affiliate sector will be worth $8.2 billion in the United States alone.

Don’t you want a piece of it?

The nicest part about affiliate marketing is that it is nearly completely passive revenue. It implies you’ll make money even if you don’t work for a while. But first, you must put in a lot of effort! Even a little portion of the $8.2 billion will alter your life forever. So let’s start with the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

The Ultimate Tutorial about Affiliate Marketing : Basics

Before you can start generating money with affiliate marketing, you must first comprehend a few basic fundamentals. This section will guide you through the various business structures as well as the many sorts of products and services accessible for marketing.

But first, let me explain affiliate marketing!

Affiliate Marketing introduction

It’s a sort of marketing in which you will be able to earn a commission by promoting a product or service that you don’t own. You look for a product or service, use it, and promote it to your target audience.

According to Web Market Support, affiliate marketing benefits 84 percent of publishers. It suggests you have a great opportunity to make a lot of money online. The revenue-sharing paradigm underpins affiliate marketing.

That gets us to the second affiliate marketing notion, the company model. When you advertise a product or service, the owner receives a sale or other advantageous action. And you receive commissions for it.

Tutorial about Affiliate Marketing : Models

Affiliate marketing has two basic business models: cost per sale and cost per action. Understanding these models will assist you in navigating the world of affiliate marketing.

CPS Affiliate Marketing

You only make money with this business strategy if your audience purchases something through your affiliate link. It might be software or a physical item, such as a gaming laptop. There are both small and huge CPS retailers. And every now and again, they have a physical location.

Amazon Associates, for example, allows you to earn a fee if someone purchases a product on Amazon using your link. Even if you drive millions of people to Amazon’s e-commerce shop, you won’t make a dime unless they buy something.

CPA Affiliate Marketing

It’s been accelerating for years. This is simpler than CPS because you don’t require a sale to earn a commission. However, it is quite competitive. In addition, most affiliate marketers may spend money in order to make money.

For example, Ian Fernando spent $8000 on advertisements to make $9500. It’s a profit of $1500. That’s not awful! You must thoroughly investigate all of the variables. It’s because even a minor rise in cost per click might result in a loss for you.

Don’t be concerned; it doesn’t happen very often if you’re a niche promotion. This implies that you must develop a site or landing page depending on the niched category. Then, if you run advertisements, you’ll convert a large number of visitors into buyers.But first, you’ll need to figure out what kind of product or service you’ll be promoting as an affiliate.

Products or Services Types

There are several items and services to pick from. Affiliate marketing may be used to promote anything from a paid membership to a physical product. Let me categorize them into three primary groups and shed some light on them immediately. 

Digital Products 

Without a question, digital items may be highly beneficial. A digital product cannot be touched, held, or tasted, but it may be consumed. You may love music videos, but you will never touch or taste them.

That is why you must promote it in order to earn affiliate commissions. These items are frequently available as digital files that may be downloaded or streamed. Marketing these things is a little more difficult than marketing tangible products. But why is that? It’s because you compete with freely available web information. Among the digital items that generate significant conversions are:

Courses are examples of educational materials.

Website memberships

Templates or tools for digital use

Art and music

Permissions to utilize your digital asset

Where can you get digital items for affiliate marketing? You might want to check out some of the greatest networks and platforms for this, such as:

And the list goes on. You must first establish an account there. Then look for items that are linked to your specialty. Begin marketing them and you’ll be able to earn affiliate commissions. Affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn may earn up to $100,000 every month.

Physical Products

If you want to go with a less competitive product, go with physical ones. We are not suggesting you should sell iPhones because they’re still popular in the market. Of course, you may delve into a variety of things to select from. The following is how you choose a tangible product for affiliate marketing:

  • Go to e-commerce giants like Amazon, or Aliexpress
  • Search the product categories
  • Check the positive reviews
  • Check a solid products

And then begin developing content around it. Include your affiliate link and earn affiliate commissions on each transaction. If you want to promote tangible things, join Amazon Associates or Aliexpress, which are the world’s largest affiliate marketing networks.

Online Services

Some may regard it as a digital product. However, I feel that internet services are distinct from one another. Software as a service (SAAS) or soft skills may be used to provide services. You might market a software as a service (SaaS) product such as Canva or SEMRush.

Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Tutorial: Where to Get Started in 2022

This portion of the post is a step-by-step tutorial for getting started with affiliate marketing in 2022. We will go through everything from how to choose a product or service to how to track your success along the route. So, let’s get this party started right away.

Pick a Product or Service

First, decide which product or service you wish to market. It’s similar to picking a specialty for your blog or website. Why? If football is your niche, you should sell footballs, nets, and other football-related items.

Some people select a niche based on their personal interests. Some, on the other hand, are profit-driven and seek out the best goods to market. Whatever niche you choose, you must select a product or service to produce content around.

The initial step is to look into affiliate programs or networks to find a product to advertise. This might include CJ affiliate , ShareASale and others. You will find tons of products.

Set Up A Blog or Landing Page

A platform is required to generate money with affiliate marketing. This might be a blog, a website, or a landing page. This is where you will publish your material to assist your audience and advertise various items to earn commissions.

Go to, which is the landing page.

This is Bluehost’s homepage.

This is the page where you present your concept to your target audience.

Here’s how to start a blog:

* Read more about best hosting plans for your website for better information before you progress further

  • Purchase hosting from the best hosting companies.
  • NameCheap can help you get a domain name.
  • Connect the domain name and hosting services.
  • Install WordPress so that you can control your content.
  • And begin producing content in your niche.

You may create a separate page for pitching your audience. For you, that page will be referred to as a landing page. However, if you want to increase your sales, make as many postings as possible.

However, if you want to construct a landing page or a blog for nearly nothing, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Enter email address
  • Click on ‘Get Started for Free
  • Log into account
  • Create sales funnels, landing pages and more

You can do it all for free. You will only be charged when you progress. As a result, provides everything you need to start an online affiliate marketing business.

Include affiliate links inside your content. You may market your affiliate items by employing the following methods :

  • Add PrettyLinks a wordpress Plugin that helps incorporate affiliate links naturally
  • To add Banner Ads, copy the code from the affiliate program and paste it into blog
  • Recommendations page is a wonderful page to recommend products
  • Tutorials, tips, and guides Add value to audience, for trust

After creating content in their area, most marketers sit and wait. However, we urge that you launch a campaign and actively sell your material across many mediums.

Campaigns Operation

The quickest approach to make affiliate money is to run campaigns on email, social media, and search engines. Campaigns can be both free and compensated. Running paid campaigns is even faster than running free ones.

This is how you run an email campaign :

Begin developing your list using lead magnets and other tools.

  • Set objectives and stick to them.
  • Recognize your target audience
  • Make fantastic opt-ins
  • Make a plan for your emails and schedule them as well.
  • Create the ideal topic lines
  • Visit a service for email marketing, such as Getresponse or Aweber 
  • You may also use
  • Set up an email drip campaign.

* Read About Getresponse Email marketing program for more ideas and start a free use

And then begin delivering the emails to your target audience. Communicate with them and be nice. Understand them and sincerely assist them. Gradually, you will gain trust and begin earning money through affiliate commissions.

Here’s how to launch a social media campaign:

  • Recognize your target audience
  • Determine your campaign’s aim.
  • Select the most appropriate social networking outlet (where your audience spends most time)
  • Make a weekly, monthly, and annual content calendar.
  • Create graphic material as well.
  • Schedule postings and keep an eye on the reaction.
  • Continue to follow up and begin advertising the items.

Running a campaign entails more than just running it. However, you must continue to analyze performance and respond accordingly. The best advice I can provide is to look at some of the most successful ads and figure out what you need to accomplish.

Analyze & Track Progress

Analyzing your progress along the road is critical for long-term success. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to accomplish it. All you have to do is keep an eye on the affiliate program dashboard you’ve chosen. However, if you work with more than one affiliate network, monitoring and measuring your progress may be difficult. You might utilize Adfly services for this. It allows you to track and evaluate all of your links in one location. Visit Adfly Make a free account there. Begin shortening and rewarding your links. After logging in, go to the dashboard. Keep track of and assess the progress Adfly only is Me the finest URL shortened, but it is also a full-fledged link management solution. It also allows you to generate a single link for all of your links and quickly build landing pages. Check out these 17 best affiliate marketing tools to help you increase your profits to round up this affiliate marketing course.

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