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Earn $200 a month doing (virtually) nothing (SAAS Website) in 2022

Earn $200 a month doing nothing in 2022 (SAAS Concept)

To make money online in beginning and creating a online business a person can earn good amounts of money monthly within a very pretty short amount of time.

The truth is that with the appropriate strategy. The concept is SAAS, and anytime you sit down to consider how to begin, you conclude that it is simple for EVERYONE, except you.

There are numerous advantages to starting an online business:

  • Work schedules that are flexible.
  • Comfort for Lifetime.
  • There will be no workplace feuds.
  •  There is no need to commute.
  • A source of passive income (getting money doing nothing).

Work schedules that are flexible

You only work when you find it fit which means Be your own boss.

Comfort for Lifetime

You can work from your bed or have your own home office, because the comfort of working from home is undeniable.

There will be no workplace feuds

There will be no inevitable work drama.

There is no need to commute

You wake up, and suddenly you’re there! Working from home means you don’t have to take cabs, buses, trains, subways, or any form of transportation to get to work.

A source of passive income (getting money doing nothing)

It is not necessary for you to be present 24 hours a day, seven days a week once your system is up and running. In fact, you’d be able to make money while sleeping.

The single most compelling benefit of launching a business online is passive revenue. After a week of hard work, you may step back and relax while watching the rewards of your efforts.

Starting your journey toward online financial independence, whether as a blogger, affiliate marketer, digital marketer, or drop-shipper, has never been easier.

Believe that you can !!

It can be difficult to take yourself seriously when you’re just getting started. Working from home as an affiliate marketer, digital marketer, or owner of an internet company may seem like a pipe dream.

It’s usual to find yourself working on and off, or perhaps abandoning the project entirely for a period of time.

Many elements determine whether you will succeed or not, but one of the most significant is your ability to think long-term.

Accept the idea that you will not see results in the near future. Have patience and a strategy in place.

NOT a “get rich fast” scheme.

This concept, which we’ll explain next, is pretty simple, but it does need a significant amount of work (up to a year!).

Making money online appears to be a simple procedure in theory, but it requires time and effort to put into practice. You can begin small and make a tiny profit, which will encourage you to invest and work harder.

Which path should you choose?

There’s one option in particular that can be summed up in three broad steps However, There are innumerable options.

Let’s talk about one seldom touched model, These are 3 very broad steps. starting a System As a Service website or SAAS website.

Why start a SAAS website?

If you’re not familiar with the word, SAAS websites are pretty prevalent, and chances are you’re using at least one. Netflix is a good example of one of the many popular SAAS websites.

Grammarly, Canva, Dropbox, Evernote, and plenty of other apps are also available. These programs are wonderful examples.

The most significant benefit of launching a SAAS website is the regular payment. You provide a service that customers can access via a website (24/7) and is thus independent of your time.

People will renew their subscriptions at the end of the month if your service was useful to them. With time, this becomes very strong; picture providing a service for $5 or $10 a month to 20 or 100 people!

You can potentially earn up to $200 per month doing nothing if done right.

How to start a SAAS website:

If you are a web developer, you may be able to solve this problem on your own; but, depending on the intricacy of the service you desire to provide, you may require the assistance of a team of developers. If you don’t have any experience with web development, you may always hire someone to do it for you (granted, you have the money for it).

However, you may be unfamiliar with all of this, or you may not have the financial means to hire a developer. Fortunately, you can purchase ready-made scripts from websites such as CodeCanyon and host them on a free shared server or a dedicated VPS server. Scripts can be found for as little as $15 !

If you’d like to see how simple the process can be, Contact Us for free guidelines if you face any complexity.


When you buy a ready-made script, you can choose to upgrade to an extended license, which allows you to freely market your service. You won’t be able to sell your service if you can’t afford to buy the extended service.

This leads us to:

Selling your SAAS as a GIG.

After you’ve built up your script and hosted it online, it’s free for everyone to use. You can still sell it as a gig, though.

That means you can promote your service on Fiverr, Upwork, or Appsumo, for example. You can determine the price by comparing it to the costs of similar services available on the market.

From now on, anytime someone contacts you on Fiverr, Upwork, or whatever platform you’re advertising on, all you have to do is create an account and deliver the credentials to your clients through email once the payment has been finalized.

After you’ve earned enough money, you can upgrade to the extended license and sell your service directly through the website.

It is entirely up to you and your marketing efforts to determine how much money you will make. Advertising your service will be almost straightforward if you already have a large following.

You’ll need to focus on growing your audience if you don’t already have one. The beauty of this method is that after a few months of use, the process becomes increasingly automated, and all that’s left is to create accounts and collect your recurring payments at the end of each month.

The phrase “doing nothing” in the title refers to how easy it is to make money AFTER you’ve completed and set up your entire system.

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